The wine route in Israel

Video production for the 70 years of israel

Israel has been doing wine-cultivation for thousands years. Antic tanks have been discovered in various archeological sites of the country, testifying for a passion for wine since the beginning of the agriculture.

Israel’s wine route traverses the country from North to South; it is an original and interesting way to discover this multifaceted country.

From Golan’s to the desert’s heights, going through must-see cities such as Jerusalem, this itinerary combines history, pleasure for the senses and surprises. So since the wine is here, let’s drink it and clink glasses saying “lehaim” (to life)! 

Our “Wine Route” includes visits in each of Israel’s wine-growing regions.

Each property has been carefully chosen for its wine’s originality and its historical importance for the Israeli wine-producing activity.

The discovery of the Israeli vineyards will be combined with meetings with men whose life and story have left a mark on this ground’s life.

We will visit historical, archeological and religious sites all along our itinerary.

“They came to the Eshkol Valley; and there they cut off a branch bearing one cluster of grapes, which they carried on a pole between two of them;

they also took pomegranates and figs.” (Numbers 13:23)

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